Multilingual Communication 

Excelcis provides a wide range of multilingual communication solutions to both corporate and private clients, including:

Certified translation of legal documents in Switzerland and internationally

Multilingual graphic design and document publishing

Online and on-site interpretation

Audio transcription and video captioning in multiple languages

Overview of our services

Certified translations

Translation of legal documents for official submission in Switzerland and abroad, including notarized translations with international certification.

Specialized translation

Translation of texts of a highly specialized nature, in particular in the technical, medical, financial and legal fields, and development of term bases.

Text editing and quality assurance

Editing and linguistic checking of texts on a wide range of subjects in more than 20 languages, for an accurate and consistent use of terminology.

Online and on-site interpretation

Online and on-site interpretation for symposiums, business meetings, training sessions, medical consultations and interviews.

Multilingual graphic design

Graphic design of publications in multiple languages, in electronic and print formats. Development of responsive infographics. 

Translation of multimedia content

Audio transcription and video captioning in several languages, also in formats for hearing-impaired persons. Production of multilingual video content.

About our company

Excelcis is a provider of multilingual communication services based in Geneva, Switzerland.

The company places a premium on quality and confidentiality, in accordance with the strict Swiss privacy law, as well as on the use of end-to-end encrypted data storage and email systems. All its data are safely stored in Switzerland.

At Excelcis we use cutting-edge technologies to meet our clients’ growing needs for scalable language solutions that can be deployed globally, catering to cultural and linguistic nuances.

Quality, privacy and versatility as core values

Our services

Excelcis delivers its services to both corporate and private clients, including international organizations, diplomatic representations and multinational companies, in a reliable and scalable manner.

Our offering covers certified translation of legal documents for international submission, online and onsite interpretation, multilingual graphic design and translation of multimedia and software content.


Our working languages

Excelcis offers translation services from, and into, more than 25 languages. All our linguists are qualified translators and ensure terminological accuracy and appropriate style.

We help you to offer your services or products to international audiences in their own language. This is essential for today's global trade.


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