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Excelcis provides a wide range of multilingual communication services, including certified and specialized translations, text editing, multilingual graphic design, online and on-site interpretation and video subtitling in several languages.


Certified and notarized translations

Excelcis provides certified translations of legal documents, for official submission in Switzerland or abroad.

Upon request, we can legalize our translations with an international apostille, for use in any country signatory to the conventions under the Hague Conference on Private International Law (HCCH).

Our work covers:

Translation of official documents

Certification and legalization of documents translated by us

Submission of our certified or legalized translations to international bodies


Specialized translation

Excelcis offers specialized translation services across more than 25 languages.

We handle the translation of a broad range of technical, legal, scientific and financial texts, enabling you to communicate and succeed globally.

When needed, we can also certify our translations, including with apostille certificates, for official submission to national or international bodies.

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For linguistic and terminological consistency

Text editing and proofreading

We can check the linguistic quality of your draft texts or translations in a professional and comprehensive manner, based on the specialized knowledge of our linguists, to ensure correct use of language and an accurate and consistent use of semantics and terminology.

We use state-of-the art technology and highly specialized glossaries and term bases to achieve a rigorous end result, catering to your needs in terms of language compliance and global communication.

Simultaneous and consecutive interpretation

Online and on-site interpretation

Excelcis delivers online and on-site interpretation services, both simultaneous and consecutive, ideal for international symposiums, business meetings, training sessions, medical consultations, telehealth services and interviews.

All our interpreters are professionally accredited and possess extensive work experience at international level, to ensure the utmost quality and reliability.


Multilingual graphic design

We offer a comprehensive graphic design service in different languages, intended for publications such as corporate reports, leaflets, brochures, interactive e-books and infographics, to be published in printed format or electronically.

Our graphic design team can offer you:

Design or adaptation of graphic layouts in several languages

Development of infographics

Adaptation of electronic documents for specific devices

In collaboration with professional printing partners located in several countries, we offer the possibility of printing documents designed by us and shipping them internationally.

Upon request, we can provide samples of our graphic design work in different languages.

Transcription and subtitling

Translation of multimedia content

Excelcis can assist you in the translation of various types of multimedia content, such as audio and video, including subtitling and captioning in several languages.

We can transcribe audio files or video footage and translate the content into other languages, including timecodes for synchronization with back-end multimedia systems.

Furthermore, our video production professionals can assist you in recording or editing a wide range of audio or video content, notably for interviews, corporate videos or international conferences. We also provide assistance with the embedding of subtitles in several languages in live-streaming events.

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