Certified and legalized translations

Excelcis delivers certified translations of legal documents for official submission in Switzerland and abroad, including notarized translations with international apostille certification. 


Translation process

Our certified translations are valid at official level in Switzerland and in most European countries.

Upon request, we can also provide notarized translations with international apostille certification, for submission to any country member of the Hague Conference on Private International Law (HCCH). This Conference has been joined to date by 91 members.

To legalize a translation for submission in a country not member of the HCCH, a supplementary legalization process may be needed, typically at State Chancellery level (in Switzerland) and, where needed, through the diplomatic representation of the country where the legalized translation will be submitted.

We offer you an end-to-end translation and legalization service, regardless of the country for which the legalized translation is intended, covering:

Translation of official documents

Certification and legalisation of documents translated by us

Upon request, submission of legalised translations at international level

You can count on our expertise to help you to streamline the translation and legalization processes of your personal or corporate documents end-to-end, including specialized content. The general working process is depicted below.

Certified and legalized translations


Submission of the document to be translated

You submit to us the document, in its original language, that needs to be translated and certified.



Translation and certification of the document

We translate and certify your document. If no additional legalization is requested, we deliver the certified translation to you by post and electronically.

Should additional legalization by a third party be required, step 3 below applies.



Supplementary legalization

We provide supplementary legalization of our translation, for submission to countries not members of the HCCH. We subsequently deliver the legalized translation to you by post and electronically.

Authentication of certified translations

Online authentication

If in the past you have received a translation certified by Excelcis, you can now authenticate it in real time with us. Please contact us for this purpose.

The authentication process uses a secure,128-bit encryption algorithm.

To authenticate a translation, please send us the electronic file that you received from us via email. The result of the authentication process will be notified to you as soon as possible.

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Submit a document for translation

Please use the secure link below, with end-to-end encryption, to upload a copy of the document that you would like to have translated. You can also upload several documents simultaneously.

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