Text editing and revision

Excelcis can check the linguistic quality of your documents in multiple languages, to ensure that these are accurate, clear and compliant with specific term bases or style guides, and to facilitate their standardization with related texts. 

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A Client-specific approach to linguistic compliance

We apply a comprehensive approach to linguistic quality assurance that relies on a three-step process, which encompasses linguistic assessment, content editing and final quality assurance, with a view to improving the readability of your documents.

We can also develop term bases and glossaries, for consistency of terminology and style in different languages.


1. Linguistic assessment

Establishment of the linguistic assessment goals against predefined references or term bases.

2. Content editing

Revision of grammar, punctuation, style and content consistency, as well as compliance with style guides.

3. Quality assurance

Proof-reading based on geographical or cultural nuances suiting the target audience considered.

Our linguistic revision services cover:

Editing of source texts

Standardization of documents

Précis writing

Development of term bases and glossaries

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