Translation of multimedia content

Excelcis can assist in the translation of various types of video and audio content, including transcription, captioning and subtitling in several languages. We can also produce and edit multi-language video content, for subsequent integration in back-end systems.

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Translation of video content

Excelcis can assist you in the translation of various types of video content and the addition of captions or subtitles in several languages.

We can transcribe video footage or audio recordings and translate the text into other languages, with the addition of timecodes for synchronization with external back-end systems.

As a 'one-stop' provider of multilingual communication solutions, we can also assist you, through a dedicated team of video production professionals, in producing and editing various types of video content, such as filming interviews, corporate events or conferences and broadcasting them live over the Internet ('live-streaming') with subtitles in several languages, for subsequent integration in third-party work flows.

Functions of video captioning

The use of subtitles and captions in several languages makes video more effective, as it can reach wider and more varied audiences, in particular for applications such as distance learning, telehealth or live broadcasts.

Subtitles are also useful in making video content accessible for people with hearing disabilities, to improve search of video content in multiple languages and to offer the possibility of playing video without sound in certain environments, such as public areas.


Subtitles facilitate content broadcast in several languages and the online delivery of key services such as e-learning, telehealth or safety.


Captioning makes video content accessible to people with hearing disabilities in different languages.


Video captions facilitate content indexing by search engines, thereby contributing to more efficient marketing campaigns and client segmentations.

Video captioning for deaf or hearing-impaired persons

Specialized video captioning services

Video captioning enables deaf and hard-of-hearing people to access video content in key services such as telehealth applications through video conferencing.

In this, or other specialized fields, captions are provided with professional human monitoring based on avant-garde automated speech recognition (ASR) systems.

Video captions can be integrated in real time in external back-end systems, for example communication platforms of telehealth providers, to enable interactive messaging between doctors and patients with simultaneous translation in different languages.

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